Sunday, March 21, 2010

Accomodation #20

Winca's Aparts
Mendoza, Argentina
120 Argentinian Pesos (approx $31)/night

For our visit to Mendoza, we decided to fancy it up and rent our own apartment. Well, I use the term "fancy" loosely. A bed full of ants and a bathroom that smells like the sewer may not be luxurious to some. But, having our own little kitchen and multiple decks for al fresco dining is pretty much where it's at.

We realized, despite the ant bites, that this place really is all anybody needs. Once we got settled it felt quite homey. Moving forward, we are definitely thinking more apartments and less hostels.

Somehow, the photos make it look much more sparkly than it really was. Must be the birthday flowers on the table.

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