Sunday, March 28, 2010

Accommodations #21

Fancy Shmancy Apartment
Buenos Aires, Argentina
?? Pesos (approx $82)/night

Moms don't stay in hostels. So when mom travels thousands of miles to visit us, we don't stay in hostels either!

This two bedroom, two bathroom beauty was our home for a week in Buenos Aires. And it's the first place we have stayed in that truly feels like a home. In fact, it's bigger than any apartment we've ever had. We'd almost forgotten how nice it is to eat a bowl of cereal on the couch in front of a flat screen TV.

Well over our budget, for cerain. But a steal compared to staying in a hotel. It's gonna take some effort to get our travel momentum going after a relaxing, luxurious week here.

Living area

Dining area


View from our balcony

Bedroom #1

Bathroom #1

Bedroom #2

Bathroom #2

Please note one's ability to shit and shower at the same time.

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