Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Some people (perhaps those not of Mexican descent) may not understand the overwhelming need for Mexican food. It is a constant craving. A desire that cannot (unlike, say, pizza) be satisfied with BAD Mexican food. Living without it for three months has been both challenging and sad.

In Chile, we actually found a supermarket once that carried tortillas. Tortillas AND taco seasoning! It was one of my highlights of this trip. Cooking so-so Mexican food in our hostel almost hits the spot, but the longing continues.

Upon our arrival to Buenos Aires, I read about a little spot by the name of California Burrito Company. The guidebook promised succulent meats and spicy salsas. They even put the word "tortillas" in italics (that means it's authentic). Visions of guacamole and sour cream danced in my head.

I was determined to visit there on our very first day, despite the pouring rain we'd been greeted with. Well, as with all things travel, it was much more difficult to get there than we had anticipated. And the rain was, as it goes without saying, horrendous. We arrived completely soaked and ferociously starving.

This story does not even need an ending. Let's just say, I was not pleased.

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