Tuesday, April 6, 2010

#24 & #25

Throughout your life, there are seemingly random people who will want to help you out, for reasons you can't understand. On a trip like this, encountering those people is an extra special treat. The latest is a sweet older woman by the name of Ellis, who owns the exclusive Wilton Manor guesthouse next door to our hostel. I read in my guidebook that the property also owns budget accommodations down the street. So when we decided to try to find a new place, I knocked on Ellis' door.

Rather than give me information on any of her several properties, she insisted asking me what my budget was. I revealed it to her, scared she would laugh me right out the door. Instead, she offered up an apartment for a price so low I knew I must be mistaken on the currency conversion. I left to discuss with Reece and do the math.

When we realized this was an offer not to be passed up, we went back only to find the woman's daughter in her place. She demanded (well, asked rather aggressively) to know what we had discussed with her mother. It was clear she was not going to be so giving.

All day we kicked ourselves for not seizing the opportunity when we had it. We realized, due to the weekend's jazz festival, that there was absolutely no available affordable accommodation in town. That evening as we walked home we saw Ellis on her balcony and gave it another shot. She asked us to come back in the morning to see what she could do.

Long story short, we rented a room in a big beautiful house for a tiny fraction of what it normally costs. We don't know why Ellis was so bound and determined to help us out, but we are so grateful she did.

Here is our hostel. The house it was in, which I sadly didn't photograph, was actually really nice. The breakfast was big and cheap and delicious, and the manager was so friendly we hated to leave. So why did we? Well, a few bugs don't bother me much. Even if they are cockroaches. But I draw the line when I come home to find them in my bed.

And, here is our palatial estate...




Kitchen / Dining

Sitting area



View down our street

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