Friday, April 30, 2010

Baz Day 20: Durban (& Accom #33)

Sometimes your stop in a town is so brief (and your surroundings so uninspiring) that you never leave the hostel. Durban is one of those towns. We did not take a single photo there, if that is any indication of our feelings about it.

The little bit we did see was essectially retail hell attached to a noisy, overcrowded theme park. Surfboard rentals on the incredibly artificial touristy beach were a fortune. And we were firmly warned not to walk around pretty much ANYWHERE after the sun goes down. We retired to our hostel for a lazy day of interneting, reading, eating junk food and re-discovering the joy of boxed wine.

No photos of the hostel either, it was pretty standard. Apologies for such a boring post.

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