Sunday, April 18, 2010


Cristal Cove
Jeffrey's Bay, South Africa
225 Rand (approx $32)/night

I am starting to notice a theme in South Africa. We are loving the accommodations. Maybe it's cause we're stuck where the Baz Bus drops off, aka the more expensive options. Maybe it's cause South Africa just knows how a hostel is done. Maybe our standards are rapidly falling. Whatever the reason, we loved loved loved this place. A former furnished apartment complex (built by the friendly owner, Gary, for the droves of summer surfers), you basically rent one of the two bedrooms and share the common kitchen/living area. It felt like being in college all over again, hanging out on your mismatched couches watching Endless Summer with your roommates while the BBQ heats up. We were booked for just one night but decided to stay three. If it weren't for our tight bus schedule, we would have been sucked into this place for a LONG time.

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