Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Cape Town in 10 Hours

We got off to a REALLY slow start in Cape Town.

As you know, our Monday arrival was delayed three days due to passport problems.

On Thursday, our jet lag resulted in a six hour nap (followed by dinner and drinks).

Friday, we ventured into town to run a few errands and get information on various tours, rental cars, etc in order to map out some plans. Being Good Friday of course, everything was closed and all missions failed. Proceed to dinner and drinks.

Saturday began with packing, checking out, moving, and grocery shopping for the new digs. It ended with a home cooked dinner and movie night on our fantastic new livingroom couch.

Sunday we would surely see some sights! Oh, wait, it's Easter. Figuring touristy things may still be operating, we took a walk down to the waterfront in hopes of visiting Robben Island. All tours were canceled due to high winds and rough seas. We did however find a great happy hour (and beyond).

Monday, after an ambitious night out, we were too hungover to jump out of bed bright and early. Our afternoon was spent sitting by the pool, catching up on the internetting we'd neglected over the past several days.

Tuesday. Hooray! Time to get our tourist on! We clearly needed to squeeze a lot of sights into a little time. And what better way to do so then on the Big Red Nerdy Tourist Bus?!

In just ten short hours, we:

- Got our praise on at St. George Cathedral

- Got our natural history on at the SA Museum

- Got our apartheid knowledge on at the District Six Museum

- Rode a giant rotating (slightly scary) cable car...

- the top of Table Mountain

- Lounged on Camps Bay beach

- Got a glimpse of the new World Cup 2010 stadium

I may have hung my head in embarrassment every time we stepped off the bus, but we sure did have a hootin' hoolerin' good time.

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