Friday, September 10, 2010

Hello Adventure Fans

Most travelers come to Jaisalmer to do a camel safari. We've ridden a camel. We've done a safari. So we opted for the condensed version to keep things moving along. Our mini-tour was basically a drive out to a shabby cluster of huts in the desert, followed by a camel ride to some sand dunes that would have provided a spectacular sunset view were a storm not rolling in.

Back at camp we enjoyed a traditional music and dance performance under a leaky awning, then shared dinner by candlelight with our fellow travelers. The whole experience felt a little silly and contrived, but maybe we're just jaded these days.

The monsoon downpour was preceded by a thunder and lightening storm like I have never seen, and riding our camel surrounded by brilliant lightening bursts was definitely the coolest part of the excursion. It also, however, inhibited us from sleeping on the dunes under the stars as planned, which was really disappointing.  Ah well.  A musty, mosquito filled shack was almost as romantic.

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