Thursday, September 30, 2010

"I just wanna DANCE!"

The men of India are incredibly ambiguous. In Mumbai, a city with a burgeoning gay scene, all of the hand holding, embracing and nipple pinching makes it hard to tell where cultural norms end and homosexuality begins.

Regardless of the reason, these guys are a real hoot in the nightclubs. Resembling a raucous bachelorette party, they go absolutely nuts on the dancefloor. Girls, oddly, sit at nearby tables sipping their drinks timidly, while their male friends in slacks and button-down shirts are the stars of the show.

Screaming in delight when their favorite song comes on. Throwing their arms in the air and jumping into a frenetic, gyrating circle. Grabbing one another by the arm and swinging aggressively across the dancefloor. Breaking into spontaneous conga lines. The out of control booty shaking could put Shakira to shame, IF it coincided with anything that even resembled the beat.

Actually, scratch that bachelorette party thing. A 'Sweet 16' is a much more accurate comparison. Watching grown, Indian men behave like ecstatic teenage girls is definitely one of the most entertaining moments of this trip. When the sweatiest of the bunch insisted that I join their Bollywood dance party, it made for an awkwardly hilarious good time. And I am sure Reece is still disappointed that we didn't have the flipcam.

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