Thursday, September 9, 2010

Jaisalmer, India

Jaisalmer is known at The Golden City, thanks to the honey colored sandstone used to build everything within its boundaries.

Its breathtaking fort is the only one in India with inhabitants still residing within it, most of which are decendants of the workmen who built it nearly nine hundred years ago. Also made from sandstone, it towers over the small rustic town like a sandcastle, filled with merchants selling vibrant textiles, miniature paintings and glittering marionette puppets.

Walking around this living museum with our friendly guide, we visited many temples and havelis before enjoying warm, spicy masala tea prepared by his mother in their modest home within the fort. 
That afternoon, we visited a royal cemetary on the outskirts of town. Also created from sandstone and blending into it's surroundings, it was a really cool little stopover.
It seems each town we visit in India, we like a little better than the last.  Hopefully this trend continues.
For more photos of Jaisalmer, click HERE.

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