Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Mandawa, India

Our first stop in our jaunt through Rajasthan, Mandawa is a quiet dusty town about seven hours from Delhi. It's known mainly for it's havelis, crumbling old mansions covered in vibrant, intricate paintings.

There's not a whole lot to do here other than stroll around in the skin-melting heat, and entertain the mini-touts testing tourist's boundaries.

"Follow me to my shop (just 20 minutes up this narrow dirt road where nobody can see you or your expensive camera)." No thanks.

"Come with me to my uncle's restaurant (where I will agree to get you a good price on cold beers)!" Deal.

Our 12-year-old friend gave us some curious insight into his life in the village, did his best impression of the moonwalk for us, and explained to me that unlike slender Michael Jackson, I am "very fat!"

Thanks kid.

For our Mandawa photos, click HERE.

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