Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Accommodations - Egypt Edition

Staying in someone's home in Nairobi was so nice, we decided to do it again in Egypt ;) 

We were so lucky to have the opportunity to stay and travel with my family here, we've gotten quite spoiled in the past few months.  Getting back into the hostel lifestyle isn't going to be easy!

Cairo, Egypt

Stepping off of a red eye flight from Kenya and walking into an apartment halfway across the world to find your photo displayed prominantly atop the livingroom TV is a surreal experience.  This is my granmother's flat (which she no longer uses as she stays with my uncle) and our home base for our lengthy time in Egypt.

Alexandria, Egypt

My uncle's wife was raised in Alexandria, and there are few places she still adores more than her beachfront balcony in their apartment here. With strong sea breezes six floors up, it was a cool escape from the mayhem of Alexandria's streets below.

North Coast, Egypt

From Alexandria, we traveled to the luxurious North Coast. The large group of us didn't fit in just one apartment, so Reece and I got Fady's place all to ourselves. I forgot to take photos there, so here's some shots of the Mohaymen's sparkling new flat, where we spent most of our time, instead.

Badawiya Hotel
120 pounds (approx $22)/night
Farafra Oasis, Egypt

This is where we stayed for one sweaty, discounted night in the White Desert before turning around and taking our cashless pockets home. Bummer. Nice place.

Yasmina Hotel
160 pounds (approx $29)/night

Ah, Dahab. Have I mentioned how much we loved it there? Not only is it fantastic, but it's cheap. This perfectly legitimate hotel was steps from the beach and came complete with blasting A/C (very important) and a fantastic pool. Now, if only they'd fix up the outside a bit to match the inside...

Cairo, Egypt

Last, but certainly not least, my cousin Fady's apartment. While we never actually slept here, it's super freaking cool so I thought it deserved a shout out. Our last two nights in Egypt, we did stay in the rooftop apartment upstairs, so it almost counts.

PS - Here is my uncle Mohaymen's place just above him. Slightly different styles, eh? ;)

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