Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Turns out the rest of the country doesn't sleep either

We are slowly but surely adjusting to Egypt's 4pm to 4am schedule. I won't lie, our internal clocks are struggling!

A typical day is as such:
- Rise at 1pm
- Breakfast at 2pm
- Shower, shoot the breeze, dilly dally around
- Start thinking about leaving the house at 4pm
- Hit the beach at 5pm
- Wrap it up and get some lunch around 8pm
- Go home, have some tea, play some toula, watch some TV
- Start getting ready at 11pm
- Head out to a cafe around midnight
- Drink some fresh fruit juice, smoke some sheesha, shoot some more breeze
- Eat dinner around 1am
- Head home at 3am and hope to catch some zzz's by 4am

We are working diligently through the acclimitazion process. But we still never cease to be baffled by what time they do things. The other night, as we paid our bill and gathered our things at 3:00am, my cousins parents were just arriving to sit down to dinner! I need a nap just thinking about it.

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