Monday, August 9, 2010

And the winner is...

A visit to the travel section of the local bookstore taught us a few very important things:

- There is ALOT to see and do in Jordan, Syria and Lebanon. A visit to this region, which we definitely want to make at some point, will take a significant amount of time. If we want to make it to India, Asia and New Zealand (and still return home sometime before I turn 30), we'll have to file these under the ever-expanding "later date" category.

- We are really, really excited to get to India and Asia. REALLY excited.

- We absolutely, positively, MUST end this trip with a camper-van adventure in New Zealand. So different from any experience we have had thus far, and such a magnificent way to wrap it up. Mandatory.

Alas, we have decided to purchase the hefty, 1244 page guide to India!! We will soon be booking a flight from Cairo to Delhi (date TBD, hopefully before the end of August...)


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