Sunday, August 22, 2010

Centipede or crocodile??

We got some pretty special treatment at our hotel in Dahab. It's low season, so folks in the service industry are apparently excited to go above and beyond for their few guests. Discount on our stay? Sure thing! Free wifi passcode? You got it. Creepy dude doing artwork in our room every day? Why, yes in fact.

This guy took great pride in the elaborate towel/sheet sculptures he would create for us each day. He'd somehow manage to be hanging around our room every time we returned from the beach, anxious to come in with us and share the latest masterpiece.

Beaming, he'd wait for a glowing response then insist on posing for photos.

He would also knock on the door incessantly whenever I was in the shower. But that's another story.


  1. that is super weird, but super cool at the same time!! remember when they did that on the cruise ship for jen's bach party???

  2. That's hilarious.