Monday, August 30, 2010

Family definitely comes first here in Egypt. They spend alot of time together, and even seem to enjoy it! Haha, I kid.

Anyhow, it is customary for a woman to live with her parents until the day she marries, and even then she usually doesn't stray too far...

This is my uncle Mohaymen's home in Cairo. He built this place from the ground up, and it consists of four separate apartments. His son lives in the ground floor unit with his wife and daughter. The second floor belongs to his eldest daughter (but she and her husband are currently living in their own place). He and his wife reside on the third. And the top unit will be given to his youngest as soon as she gets married. While certainly not for everyone, I think it's a pretty cool concept. An entire apartment complex inhabited by one big family, yet each with their own personalized space.

They also have a cute little swimming pool, and a fantastic rooftop deck with a TV/movie projector. Fun for the whole family.

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