Sunday, August 22, 2010

Blue House Thai, Dahab

It's been a while since we had a meal worth writing about. We certainly didn't expect to find one in Dahab, a town where each beachside cafe has the same generic menu (literally). But Blue House Thai surprised and delighted us. Absolutely no contest for the 'Best Restaurant' in Dahab title. We ate here five times in eight days.

Our taste buds haven't been awakened to flavors like this since Thailand. Spicy creamy curry with just a hint of sweetness. Perfecty seasoned pad thai with freshly squeezed kaffir lime and not a hint of greasiness. Tangy carrot peanut salad (cause green papaya is out of season) that was so damn good I didn't stop scarfing it down long enough to take a picture.

And perhaps the best thing about this little gem is the restaurant itself. A spotless open kitchen smack dab in the small dining area with open floor to ceiling windows overlooking the seafront below.

It felt like having dinner in your friend's livingroom. If you friend was a tiny Thai woman with serious some serious cooking skills.

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