Thursday, August 12, 2010


I have been looking forward to visiting here since I read it about in another travel blog last year. Dubbed a backpacker's shangri-la, it's pretty much as perfect as I could imagine any place being. It's a small, quiet town on the shores of the Red Sea. The most productive activity that takes place is some world-class scuba diving, and aside from that it's basically devoted to serious lounging.

A stone boardwalk connects about 50 beachside cafes, all furnished with little more than rugs and floor pillows overlooking the sea. Sheesha sundowners each afternoon are topped off with icy mango milkshakes. Dinners of mixed mezze and warm pita are enjoyed on the sand around low tables illuminated by flickering candles.

You can feel time melting away here as you recline on a beachfront bed-pillow, sipping an ice-cold beer and smoking a sweet $1 strawberry sheesha (yes, I said one dollar). It sucks you in and makes you forget there is a rest of the world out there to see. Dahab is where future travel plans go to die.

Sorry, India. It's not you, it's me.

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