Friday, August 6, 2010

It has come to our attention that we have no idea where we are going after Egypt. Perhaps it's time we start thinking about it!

Countries up for discussion include but aren't limited to:


This, of course, was the original plan. During our rough patches in Africa, we considered postponing India to a later date and moving onto somewhere, well, easier. But now we're feeling pretty resfreshed and are fairly certain we want to tackle this beast this time around. Questions is, do we take a little detour first...?


Turns out I have a pretty good amount of family in Syria. I also have a cousin in Lebanon. And our last planned stop in Egypt (Dahab) is just a hop, skip and a jump from Jordan. That could be a nice little trip in the making. It would also, however, add a fair amount of time to our travels. Which, even if we could afford, wouldn't make my family very excited. But the opportunity to travel where we have family is always a tempting one.


We have a friend who will be in Turkey visiting his family this month. We've heard great things about the country, and would love to check it out. May not wrap up Egypt in time to make that connection though.


Throughout our Africa travels, we have made a lot of friends from Isreal. And each of them has generously invited us to stay with them and their families. Another great opportunity. However, a stamp in our passport from Isreal may inhibit us from traveling in the rest of the Middle East. So that could complicate things.


Alright, alright. We aren't REALLY thinking about turning around and flying all the way to Europe right now. But we did make some awesome Irish friends on our safari, and we did entertain the idea of visiting them after Africa. Alas, that will probably have to wait till our next trip.

Please submit your votes for consideration. Write-ins are accepted. Must be 18 or older to enter.

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  1. I vote for Jordan/Syria/Lebanon and then Isreal. It makes perfect logistical sense. And you can't go wrong with visiting family. :) Besides, you still have 4 months to go! That should be plenty of time to do all four.