Monday, November 1, 2010

Auckland, New Zealand

Wow.  We are in New Zealand.  We have been looking forward to this part of the trip for so long, it's a little surreal actually being here.  My good friend Morrison just began his own jaunt around the world, and decided to meet us here for the good times.  Holla.

First impression of Auckland:  It's stunning.  It's expensive.  It's freezing.  And it's surrounded by water.  If I didn't know any better, I might think we just arrived in San Francisco.  In five short days, we pretty much fell in love with the city.  Our goal of living in Amsterdam for a year may suddenly have some fierce competition.  Bring it on, Auckland.

Day 1 - Check out some campers (more on that later).  Sleep off our jet lag.  Meet up with Morrison.  Beers, kebabs, sheesha and nightclubs.

Day 2 - Errand running bonanza.  Camper-van booked.  Lonely Planet purchased.  Internet card activated.  Reece's hippy-hair cut.  We're officially official.

Day 3 - Ferry trip to Waiheke Island.  Wine tasting and general loving of life.  Beautiful views, fun new
friends, and a lazy afternoon on the beach.  Yet another reminder of why it's amazing to not have a job.

Day 4 - A ride to the peninsula's edge look-out point.  A stumble upon a nude beach.  Wine and cheese in an oceanfront park.  A long and gorgeous walk back to the city.  A sunset to die for.

Day 5 - Ferry trip to Rangitoto, a volcano island.  A hike on lava rocks, a beautifully scenic viewpoint, and a super sunny picnic.  Back to the mainland for afternoon pitchers and sore feet.  

Day 6 - Off to Christchurch to begin our country-wide camper-van adventure!  Super awesome details coming soon.
To check out all of our Auckland photos, click HERE!

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