Saturday, November 20, 2010


Milford Sound. Just about as hyped up as any place you'll visit in New Zealand. But when the barometer is set on 'stunning', it's kinda hard to be blown away by anything new. I wasn't quite as awe-struck by our Milford Sound cruise as I thought I'd be. It was gorgeous, obviously. Really, really beautiful. But, so is everything in New Zealand. I think I need to re-set my pretty-meter in order to start getting a fresh take on things. Show me something ugly, dammit!

Anyhow. Scratch all that. It sounds jaded and unappreciative, which is not at all what I am. And judging by how many photos we took, clearly we liked something about it. Milford Sound = Awesome. So is the nice toasty lodge where we drank wine in the evening and I kicked the boys' asses at Monopoly.

For our many Milford photos, click HERE.

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