Wednesday, November 3, 2010

The Final Five!

Here they are. The last few comfy matresses we slept upon before foresaking real beds to live in a van!

Beary Good Hostel
$26 SGD (approx $20 each)/night

How could you not like a place with a cuddly teddy bear as their spokesperson? The staff was super friendly, the room was spotless despite being crammed with thirteen beds, and the common area was full of good times.

We liked it there so much, we even stuck around after finding a few bed bugs. Ha!

Marina Bay Sands Resort
20,000 Credit Card Points

You've already heard all about the infamous Marina Bay Sands. Now here are some photos.

Reggae Guesthouse
90 Ringgits (approx $30)/night
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

A lot of people gave this place a bad review cause the private rooms have no windows. Arriving exhausted after an overnight train, we found the dark air-conditioned den simply fantastic. And the cleaning lady scoured the shared bathrooms so frequently, you almost felt badly using the sparkling toilet.

Nomads Hostel
$ 27 NZD (approx $20 each)/night
Auckland, New Zealand

This place was more like a college dorm than anything we have experienced. Crowded, noisy, messy and smelling like a boy's locker room. Our 18-year-old roommates were very proud of how they "cleaned up the place" for our arrival. And they weren't kidding.

There was an awesome little jacuzzi on the roof overlooking the city, but I'll be damned if I was going to go anywhere near that thing.

The Coachman Backpackers
$30 NZD (approx $23 each)/night
Christchurch, New Zealand

I forgot to grab a photo of our dorm room here. But Reece, Morrison and I looked pretty much like this shot from the website in our shared room for the night. The tiny bunk bed was actually outrageously comfortable, and I soaked up every last squishy-matress moment.

Bye-bye beds.  It's been real!

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