Thursday, November 4, 2010

Camper AdVANture Day 1!

When I took this photo, I couldn't wait to post it in a blog titled "This is our home for the next two months!"

Four hours later, I took this photo.

The most important lesson I have learned thus far in New Zealand:

When you hear a rattling sound coming from your tire, and you aren't sure whether it's worth pulling over and calling roadside assistance... It is. Especially when you are on steep, curvy mountain roads with sheer cliff drop-offs (on the side you aren't even used to driving on). Cause it's quite possible that the rattling noise is in fact a component of your brakes that has snapped right off and is rattling around in your wheel well. Stellar!

So on Day One of our camper van adventure, with all of it's leisurely stops and photo opps, we clocked about 20 miles. Woo hoo! Luckily, Escape could not be more kick-ass in dealing with this unfortunate turn of events. They set us up in a shmancy hotel for the night, told us to grab a couple of beers and some nice meals on them, and are giving us a few more free days for our inconvience.

Tomorrow morning, we shall re-depart! Hopefully our next van comes with brakes.

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