Wednesday, November 10, 2010


Sometimes you just need some rest and relaxation. A little luxury to revive the body and soul. When the stresses of traveling around a jaw-droppingly beautiful country get to you, there is no better place to rejuvinate than Omarama's famous hot tubs.

These aren't just any hot tubs my friend. Because we would be silly to spend $50 to sit in just any hot tubs. These are private, Japanese style, cedar, wood burning relaxation pods set amidst a peaceful outdoor setting, perfect to share a bottle of wine while enjoying a sunset and watching the night sky fill with stars.

In case we weren't feeling spoiled enough already, the nice folks running the place decided to upgrade us to a deluxe lakefront hot tub complete with a private jasmine-scented sauna and a toasty changing room. Talk about VIP. At first I was uncertain about splurging on such an activity. But the experience was worth every penny and thensome.

The mountain spring water was warm, the night air was cool, and the sunset was incredible. Our first week of living in a van is not too shabby.

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