Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Sea Kayaking

I have never been kayaking. It strikes me as something I would not really enjoy. Yet, I burn with irritation at the existence of things I have never done. They taunt me until I give in, paying an exhorbitant amount of money to do them only to realize I was right all along. Yup, it pretty much involved just sittin there in the sun, arms growing tired and the gentle sea swell making me queasy. Counting down the hours till we would be on land again, soaking up the sun from the motionless security of soft white sand.

Luckily, we could not have picked a more beautiful spot to try out this not-very-enjoyable activity. Abel Tasman National Park is a easily one of the most beautiful places we've have had the good fortune of visiting. Now I know, you are probably sitting at home thinking "I get it Sabrina. New Zealand is beautiful. Get over it." What you may not realize however is that rather than "snow-capped mountains, turquoise lakes and rushing waterfalls" beautiful, this is more your "secluded beach paradise, crystal clear sea and lush forest backdrop" variety. A nice change of pace I might add.

Our day went a little like this.

Strapping into some serious double kayaks...

 ...allowing me to relax while Reece did most of the work.

Rowing to a stunning and empty beach...

...to enjoy cafe mochas while catching some rays.

Kayaking further into some glorious green waters...

...and arriving triumphantly at our destination.

Traveling by boat...

...to another perfect beach.

Taking a three hour hike through the forest...

...past several incredible viewpoints.

And finally, taking a celebratory rope swing...

...before hopping in a water taxi for the sleepy trip home.

If only we had a swimming pool at our campsite to relax after our active day in the sun. Oh wait, we do! Life is pretty much as far from rough as it can get :)

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