Saturday, November 13, 2010


The cure for the common misconception that you are still a rollicking spring chicken: Hanging out with college kids.

While hopping down the main strip of bars in Dunedin, we noticed a balcony of folks who looked like they were having way more fun than those on ground level. When Reece's shouts of, "Hey, how do we get up there?" were answered by slightly puzzled looks, we realized it was not in fact a patio bar but a college apartment. Luckily, the answer to his query was, "With a case of beers!" And so we went.

Good times were had by all, until they invited us to join them for the show they were going to around midnight. Midnight?? That's like three hours from now!! Needless to say, Reece and I went and got some cheeseburgers before stubmling home and into bed by 11.

We devoted the following sunny day to catching up on all things travel - blogs, photo uploads, laundry - while lazyin' in our van with the campground cat and some friendly ducks.
For our little Dunedin album, click HERE.

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