Monday, November 29, 2010

West Coastin'

Our drive up the west coast was highlighted by the following:

- Camping in the parking lot of the local pub in Ross (population 250). This is the kinda place where the menu is written on a scrap of cardboard and the deer head on the wall isn't fake. And, hell, where the only campsite in town is in the parking lot of a pub.

Turns out we missed a wild all-night jam-band drunk-a-thon the night before, which just ended around 5:00 that morning. That was devastating news since that would have been, well, AMAZING.

- Pancake Rocks. You know it. If something is shaped oddly in this country, it's a tourist attraction. Admittedly, they were pretty cool.

For a few photos of our little journey, click HERE.

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